Pilates is for everyone. It is used by people all over the world and suitable for all ages and level of ability.


Whether you attend a private pilates session or a group class. We aim to create an environment that is relaxing, motivating and above all fun. Our goal is to help you alleviate any aches and pains, improve posture, achieve greater strength and give you the chance to focus on just you for that session. We live in a busy world and Pilates gives you the chance to tune into your body and be mindful.


Unique to you

Pilates completely tailored to you. The initial assessment is 60 minutes and begins with a lifestyle, medical and physical questionnaire followed by a postural analysis and basic movement analysis. This forms the basis to develop a tailored programme to address any muscle imbalances and/or movement restrictions alongside your own goals. If you are looking for help to overcome a specific injury or you're looking to progress more quickly then this could be for you.
These dynamic sessions will provide a full body workout that challenges stability, builds strength and heightens your mind-body connection.

Subsequent follow-up sessions can be 30 - 60 minutes dependent on what works for you.

Pricing for Private Tuition

  • 60 minutes £55

  • 45 minutes £41

  • 30 minutes £27.50

Block book 60min sessions for a discount:

  • 5 sessions for £248 (10% discount) - valid for 6 weeks

  • 10 sessions for £468 (15% discount) - valid for 12 weeks

Woman Practising Pilates


Feel refreshed and re-energised

Matwork classes can be organised for the workplace. Why not start the day with a refreshing Pilates session? Or take a break during lunchtime. If you can provide the space, I’ll organise the rest.
Get in contact if you’d like to organise a session for your workplace.
Pricing is dependent on the size of the space available and number of participants.

Yoga Class


Committed to Quality

There's a range of options available to suit your lifestyle. Choose to pay per class or select a membership package:

- Bronze

- Silver

- Gold  


Current Class Timetable:

Thursdays 10.00-10.40AM Fitball Fun with Jo 

Wednesdays 7.20-8PM Evening Flow Matwork with Jennifer

Saturdays 9.30-10.10AM Wake up Matwork Class with Jennifer


£9 per 40 minute class

£30-60 membership

Working Out at Home


Register your interest

All group matwork sessions are designed for mixed abilities with the aim of building core strength, improving flexibility and developing longer, leaner muscles. In these mat based classes, you will learn the basic principles of STOTT Pilates in a small group setting.

We will use smaller equipment such as balls and weights supplied by the instructor to adapt the exercises either to support or increase the challenge.

Attendees are asked to bring their own mats to classes. 

When: Tuesdays 5-6PM

Where: St Anthony of Padua, 115 Headley Way, OX3 7SS) Near the JR Hospital


PAG £14

Block Booking Price Per Class equates to £12, length of blocks vary

Please note this class is not currently running, if you are interested in joining this class when bookings re-open, Contact Jennifer at jennifer@pivotwellbeing.com

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Coming soon


Whether you are a new mum or an experienced mum, having a baby is hard on your body. Join me for a pilates class to alleviate achy backs, shoulders and arms, repair and restore your core strength, improve balance and overall wellbeing all with your little one by your side. After our Pilates class, you will then have the chance to sit back with a tea or coffee and ask me questions around feeding you or your baby.

Classes are run in blocks, the first block will start on Friday 28th October for 4 weeks, finishing on Friday 18th October. 

The price for 4 weeks is £72.

A standard session with a registered dietitian privately is around £130, you’ll get 60mins of Pilates and 30mins of nutrition all for £18.

Please ensure you have approval from your GP to start exercise.

*Classes are booked in blocks, length of blocks vary

Practicing Yoga with Babies