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Pilates Equipment

Find everything that you might need for at home Pilates 

The flexband adds tension to your exercise helping to build strength. This one comes with three different strengths to help build up your routine.

Physical Therapy Session

The flexband adds tension to your exercise helping to build strength. If you are allergic to latex then this band is for you.

I personally prefer this brand as I've found it lasts longer and is less likely to snap.

The toning balls fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and work by making your muscles work harder.

Stretching on Yoga Mat

If you're aiming to continue your pilates practice at home or attend an online class, I'd recommend a thicker mat for comfort. A pilates mat is thicker to provide more support to sensitive body parts, especially the spine when working on a hard floor. My first JLL mat lasted me more than 10years and might have lasted longer had my partner not decided to work on his bike indoors!

Woman Practising Pilates

The mini stability ball or squishy ball is a great piece of kit to add variation, challenge and support to your pilates workout. If you plan to join my online classes, you will need one of these.

Spiky massage balls are designed to release tight muscles. These are wonderful if you can't afford a massage or need a little help in between. Use on your feet, back or shoulders to release tension.

Pink Exercise Ball

The fitball is a great way to add variation and challenge to your workout. We run online fitball classes every Thursday at 10am.

Pilates Ring

The fitness circle or 'magic circle' can add mild-moderate resistance to your workout.

Massage balls are a key tool in dealing with aches and pains.

Friends Exercising Together

Exercise resistance loops provide further challenge to your exercises. These come in a variety of strengths so you can gradually increase the resistance.

Please speak to your instructor before buying an arc barrel to ensure that it is the right piece of equipment for you.

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